Even in a world of video interviewing and psychometric profiles your CV isn’t everything, but as old fashioned as it sounds it still counts for a lot. We have experience of reviewing thousands of CVs and it is far easier to make your CV stand out than you think.

Working with Verto People we will always write a profile of your best bits before sending your details out but we would recommend the following:

  • Your full name
  • Contact details
  • Brief overview (Personal summary) – A short, few statement summary of you and your best bits as well as stating what you are looking for. Write your profile aimed at the job you want.
  • Work experience – Undoubtedly the most important part of the CV and in our experience this is where our partners who are recruiting will look first. Write your work experience in chronological order with your most recent position first including dates worked and the role you had. With each role highlight your key duties, this doesn’t need to be your whole job description, just the most relevant elements of your role.
  • Professional Qualifications & Education – Start with the most recent as its likely to be the most relevant.
  • Where you can, be specific with figures. If you increased turnover in your specific area by 50%, then say this, the more specific and precise you can be, the better.
  • Referees – Include specific names & their contact details


  • Do your research – At Verto we will give you as much information as possible before any interview, but you should always check the following places for information before any contact with a new company:
    • Type the company name on ‘Google News’
    • Check the companies social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
    • Read & re-read job specifications & the Verto advert directly comparing your own skills against what they are hiring for.
    • Who are their competitors – In all likelihood you work for one of their competitors, but you want to know who else they compete with.
  • Know why you should get the job – What are your key selling points? Why are you the perfect candidate against the job specification and advert?
  • Where are you going – plan route
  • Confident & Positivity in the interview – mention why you should get the job
  • Take a notepad with pre-written questions on. Stops any awkwardness & shows research
  • Offer – We will sort
  • Stick or twist – We expect a counter offer for 50% of all the offers that we deal with for lots of reasons:
    • Candidate short market
    • It takes on average 8 weeks to replace an existing staff member & your notice is likely to be one month.
    • It It is cheaper to keep an existing employer than to replace them, on average costing up to 213% of your annual salary to replace you. Bear this in mind if you have been offered more money now and then ask yourself, ‘why have I been offered this money now?’
    • Its only at this point the employer has realised they haven’t acted in the best way

The first thing we recommend is remember why you decided to interview in the first place, what was it that motivated you to start seeing if there was a better working opportunity for you. Remove emotion & think what is best for yourself and your family. Ask yourself why its taken you hand your notice in before your employer is showing their appreciation or ‘why have you suddenly become valuable to your employer now’

If you are made a counter offer it’s vital you discuss all decisions with your family and loved ones and take advice from your Verto People consultant.

Half of candidates that accept a counter offer are actively looking for a role again within 60 days, 80% of candidates who accept a counter offer leave their current employer within 6 months & 90% leave within 12 months so its likely you may be looking again soon.

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